About Us

Hello! And welcome to Jude and Grey. We are so glad you are here! My name is Emily and I'm the creator and owner of Jude and Grey. I come from a background in management in a big box retail store, but once I had my first child I left and stayed home with him. When I started looking for stylish options for my son I found that there weren't as many options for boys as there were for girls and it left me frustrated. I'd go into stores and boutiques hoping to find what I was looking for, but often was disappointed.

Fast forward three years, we now have two boys and a girl to call our own and I finally felt there was no time like the present to pursue this dream of curating great options for our little boys. I want your boy to be comfortable and have the freedom to move, but I also want him to be the most stylish in the room. 

I can't wait for you to be apart of our Jude & Grey family.